Frequent questions

FIRSTGLASS is the wine shop of Italian wines in a single portion. We have a wide selection of labels in the catalog and every day we offer a different selection of bottles from cellars across Europe. Our bottle contains 100ml, a quantity equal to a glass of wine.

The choice takes place through a careful selection of high quality wines. Specifically, wineries already recognized as having quality on the market will be selected with which their best quality wines will be selected. We select Italian and European wineries, before being put on sale we carefully choose and taste the wine with our team of oenologists who guarantee it the quality. We select only excellent wines and cellars that tell a story linked to the traditions of the area.

Write us an email at and you will be contacted as soon as possible. We ask you to tell us your story, and the tradition behind your wine.

We bottle selected wines, white, red and rose, IGT, DOCG or DOC biodynamic and natural wines. Email us at for more information.

FirstGlass is a company attentive to respect for the environment. All our products are 100% recyclable, the bottle in industrial and recyclable glass in the glass bell while the cap in the aluminum collection. Check the regulations in your municipality. The packaging gift boxes and shipping boxes are entirely designed by our designers using 100% recyclable paper. Check the provisions in your municipality.

By entering your data on you are safe. For more details read our Privacy Policy.