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Exploring the Tradition of the Wine Window in Florence with FirstGlass: A Unique Experience in the Heart of Florence in front of Ponte Vecchio

If you dream of immersing yourself in authentic Tuscan wine culture, sipping local wines in a historic and welcoming setting, you can’t miss the opportunity offered by FirstGlass in Florence. In this article, we will find out what makes this experience unique and where you can find it in the heart of the city.


Florence, the city of art, history and, of course, wine. With its hills dotted with vineyards and centuries-old wineries, this Tuscan town offers an unforgettable journey through wine culture. One of the most fascinating ways to immerse yourself in this tradition is through the Wine Windows, an ancient custom that has stood the test of time. And what could be better than discovering this tradition with a modern and innovative twist offered by FirstGlass?

The Wine Window Tradition in Florence

Wine Windows are one of Florence’s most fascinating and ancient traditions. Dating back to the Renaissance, this practice once allowed Florentines to taste and purchase wine directly from cellars through small holes drilled in the walls. Today, this tradition lives on thanks to venues like FirstGlass, which carry on this practice in innovative and engaging ways.

buchette del vino di firenze

An Authentic Experience with FirstGlass

FirstGlass carries on the tradition of the Wine Window in a unique and contemporary way. In addition to offering a wide selection of Tuscan and Italian wines, FirstGlass allows you to experience the Wine Window in a modern and welcoming environment. Their philosophy is based on combining tradition and innovation, offering visitors the opportunity to taste the best local wines in innovative 100cl bottles while immersing themselves in the history and wine culture of Florence.

The Wine Selection

One of the distinguishing features of FirstGlass is their exceptional selection of Tuscan and Italian wines. From Chianti to Vementino, each bottle tells a unique story and represents the best of the region’s wine production. FirstGlass experts are always available to advise and guide you in choosing the perfect wine to suit your tastes and preferences.

FirstGlass's store in Florence

FirstGlass at Ponte Vecchio: Located in the heart of the city, this venue offers a wide selection of Tuscan wines and stunning views of the historic Ponte Vecchio. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Florence’s wine culture while admiring the masterpieces of Renaissance art.


With FirstGlass, the Wine Window experience in Florence becomes even more special. If you would like to taste the best Tuscan wines in a modern and welcoming environment, don’t miss the opportunity to visit their venue and discover the Wine Window tradition in a unique and engaging way. Discover the taste of Tuscany with FirstGlass in Florence!

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